As the cold season takes over, we find our daily routines and clothing starting to switch. It’s the most wonderful time of the year some may say (yes the song is playing in my head as we speak), but it’s also the part of the year that people become more of homebodies and may not get out as much. This comes with the territory, especially if it’s 20-30 degree weather! Who wants to really be standing outside during this time of the year unless it’s absolutely necessary, not me! But what do you do when things suddenly change because of the seasons and you find yourself less busy?

Here are 5 Tips for Self-Care in the Winter.  

1. Be Proactive 

During the winter seasons, we tend to stay in the house more often due to the dreadful winds and snow that the winter season brings. Although it is understandable, how are you getting your exercise in? Are you doing any workouts? Be sure to find creative ways to get the blood flowing. Doing things like yoga, sit-ups, and pushups are simple exercises that will also benefit you in the long run. If you don’t want to leave the house to hit the gym, these are great ways to still get your daily exercise. 

     2. Wear Comfortable Attire

With it being so cold during the winter seasons, it’s great to bring out your favorite sweaters and big blankets to stay warm. Who else loves wearing sweats and hoodies around the house? You can’t go wrong with a nice lazy outfit with some cozy slippers while at home.  When you have to go to work, a nice sturdy pair of boots, a wool coat, and infinity/wool scarf is a great combo. Whatever you choose to wear, make sure it keeps you nice and warm.  

3. Make Your Environment Cozy

During this time of the year, we crank up the heat in the house and hide under the covers, but what else do you add to your space to make it relaxing and cozy? Try winter scented candles or incents, warm colored or holiday colored pillows with tons of throw blankets. Really give your space a soothing and relaxing feel to come home to.

4. Take Care Of Your Skin & Hair

During the cold months, our skin and hair take on a lot such as constant dryness and dehydration. Bring out those winter shampoos, oils, and moisturizers that keep your skin and hair hydrated and looking amazing. You may have to switch up your skin routine or hair washing routine, which many people do to achieve the look they’re going for. Our bodies operate differently depending on the season, so remember to treat your body right and your body will return the favor.

5. Declutter Before The New Year

While you have more time in the house, it’s the perfect time to get some much needed decluttering done. Donate old or clothes you no longer desire to wear, to a thrift store nearby. Someone else in need could benefit from them! Clean out that pantry or closet that you’ve been meaning to get to. Before bringing in the New Year, try to remove as much stuff that you no longer need, to start the New Year fresh! Time to get busy! 

Published by Alyssa

Alyssa Cole is a writer, poet, Higher Education Professional, and self-care advocate.

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