Embracing Your Body


The modern-day woman takes on many tasks. For generations, women have been told that appearance is very important and to be conscious of how we present ourselves. But what about embracing what we were born with? How often do we see in the media to love the skin you’re in without enhancing a part of us?

If you watch television, you constantly see advertisements and commercials for beauty enhancements, ways to slim down or, to get a certain “Look” that you are searching for. Isn’t it interesting how often we see things to alter our views on the natural being of our bodies? These ads can subconsciously make us think that something in-fact is lacking within us and without self-esteem, can have a big impact on us.

The Woman in this present time is constantly told to act a certain way and do, but we see more and more everyday people taking their desired looks and finding shortcuts to achieve which sometimes is good but sometimes also are bad. Women have been doing illegal procedures which have sometimes ended deadly or ended up with damaging effects, some women getting addicted to enhancements, and even people become depressed when looks haven’t been achieved.

I think it’s important to remember in this day and age that you have to love the skin you’re in. If you want to fix your look, be sure to achieve these desires in healthy and legal ways, and to really ask yourself why you want to change a certain thing about you. Always remember to make decisions on how you look and act solely based on YOU!! I challenge you today to look at things that you want to change about yourself physically, if anything, and ask yourself why? Is it health related? Is it really necessary? What steps will I need to take? Will I be just fine without any changes? From there, do what’s best for you but just remember to LOVE YOURSELF!

Self-love is so important especially in a time and era such as the one we live in. Never forget about self-love and self-care!

Published by Alyssa

Alyssa Cole is a writer, poet, Higher Education Professional, and self-care advocate.

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