Nappily Ever After Sends A Great Message

Many watched this past weekend the newly released Netflix Original Film, Nappily Ever After. This is a film based off of a fictional book by award-winning author Trisha R. Thomas. Although some of the details are changed in the film such as the main character’s name and a few other minor details, the story seems to still hold it’s main lesson to be learned which is to embrace your hair and beauty, no matter the style or look it is. You may also say this film motivates and liberates the modern day woman and shows how important it is to put yourself first before anyone else’s happiness. Such a great message! 

The main character in the film is played by the amazing Sanaa Lathan, who is an American actress often known for her amazing performance in the movie “Love & Basketball”. We would hate to give the details of the film away without you seeing it first, so please make sure you check it out! Lathan plays a young, beautiful, and educated black woman by the name of Violet Jones. Jones works for a beauty advertising company, is dating a soon to be doctor, and has an extreme issue with making sure her hair is never a hair out of place or ever wet. She experiences in the movie her hair being destroyed accidentally in passing by a hose and then messed up at a local hair salon which actually manages to make her hair fall out by accidentally giving her a relaxer instead of a conditioner! YIKES!!! Ok, of course, she loses it, wouldn’t you?! She manages to find a way to fix it, but after finding out her boyfriend isn’t going to purpose to her shortly after and he instead gets her a random puppy instead, She loses it! They have a heated discussion after the dinner where she received the dog in front of all her family and friends and ends up being told from the bf that he doesn’t even know her! Ouch! Apparently being a perfection never does end too well. Plot twist! She ends up breaking up with him and she ends up doing what a lot of women do after a breakup, SHE WENT OUT BABY! 

Now was she in the best frame of mind when she went out on top of switching her hair up to a bright blonde cut? Not exactly! She learned quickly after a crazy night at the club that she was simply lost and a little broken. She didn’t know who Violet was or how to be her true self. How many of us have had those moments where we felt like we were lost, we didn’t know who we were, and didn’t understand our own true beauty? Some of the facts that are dropped in this movie are GOLD. Hearing that African American Women are one of the top consumers for buying wigs and weaves was not a shock to BGW, but hearing our community comes in around 80% of that market, was a major shock. The male hair shop owner made a comment in the film stating, ” So what does that mean?”. Jones replies by saying, ” We hate our hair”.  A very powerful moment in the film because it can be viewed as something subconsciously we may not think about, but in reality may reflect as a community by our actions. 

By the end of the movie, Jones is helping the hairdresser land a deal with an advertising company to market a natural hair care line, rocking still her natural hair, not desiring to be with someone for validation, and just downright slaying with a natural glow of pure happiness and peace as the movie ends. Seeing films like this in 2018 is so important for the modern day woman of color. Yes, we are being more creative and free with our hair, but sometime’s we still let society’s view of our overall beauty impact how we live our lives as women. It’s important to remember that it’s much easier being you and your natural beauty from within will always shine brighter than what you enhance your outer layer with. Am I right? Be sure to check out Nappily Ever After out on Netflix today! 

Published by Alyssa

Alyssa Cole is a writer, poet, Higher Education Professional, and self-care advocate.

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