Embracing Your Crown

In a time where embracing the African American Culture is at an all-time high, some may question if some are jumping onto the hype of embracing your natural hair and skin or if it’s truly what you want for a lifetime. As someone with natural hair, (locs) I for one embrace being natural and with my locs I feel freer than ever. I didn’t allow society’s opinion on my hairstyle to define how I would showcase my appearance and I urge you to do the same and embrace your crown. What type of hairstyle do you have? Is it natural? Is it relaxed? Do you have locs? Do you rock a short cut? Whatever it is that you have, love and own that. Never give in to a hairstyle or a hair color because of it being the latest trend you see going down your timeline. I say this because what happens to trends? They change! Every month and some change throughout the week.

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I remember growing up and not knowing how to maintain my hair and my mother was no genius in the hair department either. I remember taking a pair of scissors and trying to be a little hairstylist of my own which I’m sure you can guess how that ended up =( lol but as time went on I had started going to the hair salon and from a young age I would slap that good old Perm in my hair and go about my day. I remember the crack burning my scalp time and time again but I had to make sure my edges were laid and that my hair would lay flat. As I reflect back, I never gave into hypes. I simply did what I felt was best for my hair at that time and so when 2012 came around and I decided to grow out my perm to become fully natural, my only desire was to have healthier hair.

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By no means is it easy to maintain natural or relaxed hair, but I felt like I learned so much about who I was when I embraced my crown at its natural state. So natural may not be for you? No worries, just embrace whatever style you have and make sure it defines YOU! If you’re hesitant about going natural, growing locs, or even just doing a drastic hairstyle change remember this, do what makes you feel complete that you know will define YOU and don’t change it for other people because at the end of the day, you have to rock that hairstyle and live with it!

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Being one’s best self is when you live in your realness and you own what makes you YOU! What would you tell someone who doesn’t know which direction they want to go for their hair journey? What journey are you on? Whichever one you are on, I hope you enjoy it and that it displays who you are in a beautiful and signature way.

Published by Alyssa

Alyssa Cole is a writer, poet, Higher Education Professional, and self-care advocate.

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